Weekend Weigh-in!

AdobeStock_21522688-e1502554758876It’s Saturday! Most weeks, that means that it is Weigh Day. Occasionally, when we have something special going on, we change our day to Sunday. The reason we do this on Saturdays is that Saturday is also our cheat day! I will be explaining our cheat day in another post, so for now, let’s talk about weigh-ins.

We do not weigh every day. To me, weighing every day is a depressing prospect. Our bodies fluctuate so much, and weighing every day would likely leave me unhappy and discouraged. So we settled on once per week to get a good gauge of how we’ve done over the past seven days, and see if we need to tweak things. I try to do body measurements once per month to see how my body is changing. Since I am so overweight, my measurements do not change very quickly, so for the time being, our scale is the best tool for me to see my progress, with my goal for each week between somewhere between 0.5-2lbs. So here we go!

Date: 8-12-17

Weight: 294.1 | -0.9

Body Fat %: 56 | -0.7

BMI: 50.5 | -0.1

Right on goal this week!

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