Weekend Weigh-in: 08/19/17

e16235ca9f160c69d1556f9391eaf78f-positive-workout-quotes-fitness-motivation-quotes-positiveWow, what a week! It was a bit stressful, especially early in the week, but I did my best to let out my frustrations on my elliptical at work. And the 9 new exercises we added in for our 30-day challenges seem to have given me a little bit of an added boost.

Despite my worry that the delicious keto cheesecake I made last weekend, and the ice cream I had almost every night (low carb, but still…) were going to be the enemy of my scale this morning, I was pleasantly surprised!

I went a little above my goal of .5-2 lbs a week, but I’m certainly not going to complain. I’m also starting to notice that my clothes are starting to get looser and things I couldn’t wear last summer are fitting normally again.

I try to go by how I feel and how my clothes feel rather than worrying too much about the scale, so when my clothes were feeling a bit snug around the middle last weekend and early in the week, I was getting a bit discouraged. But that’s hormones for you.

The most exciting part of this weigh-in is that I am finally out of the 50’s on my BMI! And next week, for hubby’s birthday, we have high hopes that I’ll hit the 280’s and he’ll hit the 230’s. We’re both only about a 1/2 lb away so I know we can do this!

Without further ado, here are the stats for this week:

Date: 8-19-17

Weight: 290.5 | -3.6

Body Fat %: 56.8 | +0.8

BMI: 49.6 | -0.9


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