Proper Support

supportNo, I’m not talking about sports bras and cups here! Let’s talk about why it is important to have a support system when you are trying to get to a healthy weight (by either gaining or losing) and get fit. Taking this journey to health is not easy to do alone.

For me, it was impossible. When you are accountable only to yourself, and you are the only one cheering yourself on, it becomes a lonely trek. We are social animals, and we thrive when we have others helping us to stay on track and meet our goals.

Unsurprisingly, even the American Psychological Associate (APA) has found that people who enroll in weight loss efforts with friends or family members are more likely to not only lose weight, but keep it off.

My husband’s support has been integral to my success! I tried time and again to lose weight, to start exercising, to watch what I eat. But when I was doing it by myself, I’d always give up after a week or so. I think the longest I went was about 3 months. But even then, I gained it all back and then some.

When he said that he would start doing all this with me, it changed everything! Suddenly, I had someone who was cheering every loss on the scale, and kicking my butt every time I wanted to be lazy and not do my steps. And now that we are both eating the same things, it’s much easier to stay on track as far as our diet.

So what about people who don’t have that support system? Who don’t have a significant other who wants to go all in for fitness? You still need to find support! Even if it’s as simple as a Facebook group, or going all out and joining a weight loss support group like Weight Watchers.

But I’m antisocial, you say. I don’t like people. I don’t! I know that might be surprising to some of you. And I think that’s true for most of us. I like Some people, but as a whole…nah. The important part is finding one or two people that you do like, whether it’s online, or in person, who share your fitness goals and are willing to stick with you, through thick and thin.

Because I promise you, it’s going to get rough. You’re going to want to quit. You’re going to want to say “screw it, I’m going to Baskin Robins and trying all 31 flavors.” But if you have those people to talk to, they can walk you off that ledge and back onto the elliptical.

Some fantastic resources for people looking for a fitness buddy?

My Fitness Pal – This is a free calorie and fitness tracker that is compatible with Fitbit, iHealth, and many other apps out there. But they also have groups and a friend system!

Facebook Groups – Do a search on the kind of diet you are using, or a favorite type of exercise or even how much you need to lose or gain. There are groups out there for everyone!

That’s just two, but there are others out there. Some free, some expensive. But they can all be great resources for finding that all important support.

Liked it? Hated it? Let me know!