Why Don’t We Just Dance…

Coming back from an injury isn’t easy, especially when it’s one that doesn’t pain you, but you know that you have to stay off it or it won’t heal correctly. Last week, we started easy with the 30-day challenges, but tonight, we stepped it up a notch!

Hubby and I love to dance. In fact, the song “Why Don’t We Just Dance” is our song! So we’ve been enjoying the Just Dance video games since 2014. Having it come to the Switch was a total bonus because we could finally do it together instead of alternating songs.

And just after we got the game…Well, we certainly couldn’t do much dancing with hubby in a Darko even if he’d had the doctor’s okay. But he didn’t, and so we didn’t. It sure felt good to break out the game tonight though!

Dancing is one of those very few purely aerobic things that I actually enjoy. It’s a great outlet for stress and a mood lifting activity for me. After dinner tonight I just wanted to veg out so much. But my husband gave me the kick I needed and up we got.

If you’ve never seen this quote before, it is absolutely true:


By the time we were done sweating, my arms felt like jelly, but I no longer felt like going to take a nap or passing out in front of the television.

It might sound counterintuitive, but expending a bit of energy can really give you more. I am so glad that we’ve been able to get our dancing back into our routine a few times a week. Now we just have to build up the number of songs we can do before we want to fall over!

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