Weekend Weigh-in: 08/26/17

wwi82617Good morning world! This was a very up and down week for me, so I’m taking this weigh-in with a grain of salt, despite the great loss that I saw. I know that it was due to two factors outside of my efforts with diet and exercise: Being sick and not eating while I was sick.

Now, I don’t mean I didn’t eat at all, but when you’re sick, your appetite pretty much disappears, and I’m not sure if someone slipped me a diuretic but while I was sick, I think I pretty much lost all the weight for this week in water. Still, a loss is a loss. While I don’t enjoy being sick, I can at least enjoy the silver lining of the weight taking a hike.

Next week, I’m going to try to do dancing for more than just one day, so maybe we’ll see a repeat. Also, since next week will be a new month, I’ll be breaking out the measuring tape! Stay tuned for those results. For now, on to this week’s!

Date: 8-26-17

Weight: 286.3 | -4.2

Body Fat %: 57.3 | +0.5

BMI: 49.1 | -0.5

Yippee! Last weekend, hubby told me that for his birthday (Thursday) he wanted to reach the 230’s and for me to reach the 280’s. We both hit those goals! So long, sayonara, ciao, arrivederci, goodbye 290’s!


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