Ten Ways to Get More Steps

walkingI thought it might be nice to switch up to a list today! Since my husband and I are very into our Fitbits, and we track our numbers carefully, we’ve had to come up with some creative ways to get in our daily steps. Now, just because you’re wearing a pedometer doesn’t mean that you have to walk or run to get in your steps. You just need to be moving and engaging your muscles! The majority of our steps are not actual “steps” at all, but we are still exercising in ways that keep us active in similar ways. So how can you fit more steps into your daily routine without it seeming like a chore?

  1. Move your pedometer to your ankle, if you are currently wearing it on your wrist. But it’s supposed to be worn on your wrist, right? Doesn’t matter. Through trial and error, I’ve found that my Fitbit is vastly more accurate when I wear it in a band around my ankle than on my wrist. Plus, I have the added bonus of more control over the shopping cart when I use two hands (sorry random strangers I’ve almost plowed into…).
  2. Speaking of grocery stores….I’m sure you’ve heard this one a hundred times, but it really works. Park far away. Seriously, unless you’re going to carry twenty bags of groceries out to your car without the aid of a cart, park at the end of the lot! This can dramatically increase the number of steps you get, and you also are more likely to avoid dents, dings, and chips that weren’t there when you went inside.
  3. Still at the grocery store folks? Forget things on your list. Picture this: Our dairy section is all the way at the opposite end of the store from our produce section. We’re picking up a cup of CarbMaster yogurt when we suddenly remember carrots for the guinea pigs. Oh man, we have to walk all the way back over to produce? Damn. That sucks so bad. But the extra 200 steps to get there don’t. And then when you have to go back to frozen for the Halo Top you had next on the list…You see where I’m going with this.
  4. One of the benefits of having your pedometer on your ankle is that your hands are free for other things. Like playing video games. You all don’t even know how much I play Fallout 4 and Skyrim on the weekends while I’m walking with a controller in my hands.
  5. Go ahead and binge Netflix. So what if you’re watching tv? Unless there is something wrong with your legs, you can watch and walk at the same time. Getting steps doesn’t mean that you have to be sprinting around a track. Walk in place, or walk around a room while you’re enjoying a season of Supernatural.
  6. Get yourself a stationary pedaler or mini elliptical. This is how hubby and I get the majority of our steps. In fact, I’m cycling on the elliptical beneath my desk as I type this post! Talk about multi-tasking.
  7. Become super inefficient. Well, at least when you can afford to be. If your boss would look poorly on you taking several trips to the copier when you could just use one, by all means, make one trip. But if you can, make a separate trip for EVERYTHING. For instance, at the end of the day, I fill up the office coffee pot for the following morning, and I have to make sure the back door is closed and locked. So I take the coffee pot back to fill it up and take it back to the front office. Then I grab my coffee cup and take it to the back and wash it out, then bring it back to my desk. Then I walk back again to make sure everything is closed up. Yeah, it takes three trips, but I’ve just added over 100 steps to my count.
  8. Do your chores! I don’t personally do this simply because hubby is in charge of laundry, but I know that he steps in place while he’s folding laundry. And he makes multiple trips to hang things up in the closet. Extra trips=extra steps! Besides, walking while doing chores makes the walking less of a chore than the chore…right?
  9. Go to the mall. Or an amusement park, or the beach. Somewhere that you can’t drive around to get the things you want or to do things. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your steps add up while you’re walking around a museum somewhere.
  10. One last little piece of equipment that can help get that step count up is a mini trampoline (rebounder). Trampolines aren’t just for kids anymore! They get your heart rate up, and make walking or jogging in place a little more fun than simply marching.

Let me know in the comments if any of these tips help you add more steps to your daily goal!

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