Weekend Weigh-in: 09/02/17

Progress.pngGood morning world! This morning, I had a war with my scale. And I won. Ha! Bite me, Aria. We actually have two digital scales in our bathroom. One of them will not measure our body fat percentage to save its life, the other is our Fitbit Aria. Now, I love the Aria, don’t get me wrong. It’s awesome that I can step on there and it automatically sends my new stats to Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. However, it can occasionally have battery issues. We’ve held on to the old one for just-in-case moments after making sure that they are both equally accurate.

This morning, I stumbled to the bathroom for weekly weigh-in and stepped onto the Aria. It said I’d gained half a pound. Step off, step back on. Now, it says I’ve gained a whole pound!


So, I decided to pull out the other scale. Step on. Hey! It says I’ve actually LOST a pound. Step off. Step back on. Same reading. Step off. Step back on. Same reading.


Soooooo…I step back on the Aria. I’ve lost a pound. Apparently, the Aria was like, “Okay, okay, fine, here’s the real reading. You caught me.”

So, after my battle with the scale this morning, here are my stats!

Date: 09-02-17

Weight: 285.3 | -1.0

Body Fat %: 56.3 | -1.0

BMI: 49.0 | -0.1

Bust: 57.5″

Waist: 53″

Hips: 58.75″

R. Thigh: 29″

R. Calf: 17″

R. Bicep: 14.5

I do a few other measurements, including my lower thigh, above and below the bust, and the left side of course, but these are indicative of my measurements for this month. I forgot to measure in August! So, going off my measurements from July 14th, I’ve lost a total of 12.1 lbs, and 3 inches overall. No wonder my clothes are fitting loose!

So, onward to my cheat day. Did you know that pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks? Yeah. You know where I’ll be.



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