Improvement, Not Perfection

better2I know that you’ve all heard the phrase “perfect body.” But what does that mean? Really think about it. What does it mean to reach perfection? Are you smarter than Stephen Hawking? Richer than Bill Gates? Do you have the body of a super model or body builder? What does it mean to be perfect?

Chances are, your idea and my idea of perfection are completely different. Your life might seem perfect to someone from a third world country. And there are people who think that people living in the jungle away from civilization have the most perfect existence. No wifi? No Cheesecake factory? No Fallout 4? No, thanks.

Yes, that sounds callous, but it is the way of life that I’m accustomed to. And I’m sure there are first world privileges that you all wouldn’t like to do without, too.

The point is, perfection, whether my idea of it or yours, is not the goal. If you reach perfection, what then? Do you just try to stay there? If you reach that perfect state, then (aside from possibly being a new god) you would begin to stagnate with nothing further to attain. But wait, stagnation is not perfection…

THERE IS NO PERFECT. It does not exist. Then what am I trying to reach? Improvement. Whether in my schoolwork (yes, I’m nearly 40 and going to college), my health, my job, or my relationships, I am always striving to improve myself, and my life.

Improvement never ends. There is always room for it! To me, that is an inspiring thought. Some might say that means there’s no point because someone will always be better. I say that is the point, because I can always be better.

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