I Don’t Want to Try

It isn’t uncommon for people on the internet to only talk about the good things going on in their lives. You know what I mean. The people who always seem to have everything together. They have a perfect marriage, a great job, they go on expensive vacations and they never seem to gain a single pound.

It all seems so effortless for them.


I have a secret. I’m one of those people.

I have a tendency to only post the good things in my life. Occasionally, I post about major hurdles, but in general, I am a happy poster. I don’t like to be negative, and so I tend only to post about the things that make me happy, that feel good, or that I’m enjoying.

The only person who ever really hears me complain is my husband, poor man.

And here is the BUT. That is why I started this blog. This is the one place I want to be absolutely real about the struggles. Losing half of your body weight is not easy. And if I ever make it seem effortless, call me out, because it is not easy. There is nothing easy about it.

Hard workout

I wish that there was a pill to make it all go away. If I had a genie, I know what my first wish would be. I LOVE to eat. I love to eat junk food, and sweets, and bread. I HATE to exercise. If I could lay in bed all day and play Fallout and Skyrim, I’d actually be pretty happy. I don’t even like to cook, mostly because I’m lazy!


But if I have learned one thing through all of this, it’s if I say I can’t, I actually mean I don’t want to try.

That was a hard thing for me to admit to myself. Saying I can’t means I don’t want to try. Let that sink in. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. For instance, “I can’t jump off that bridge! I’ll die.” Replace the words. “I don’t want to try to jump off that bridge, I’ll die!” That still sounds about right.

“I can’t eat healthy food and exercise.” Replace the words. “I don’t want to try to eat healthy food and exercise.” When I put it like that, it sounds a lot worse.

I’m not pulling any punches here. I’m not going to sugar coat the truth. If an exercise is hard, I’m going to tell you it’s hard. If a recipe sucks, I’m going to tell you it sucks. But you need to be real too. So the next time you find yourself saying I can’t, try switching the words. See if it still sounds right to you.

And now back to your regularly scheduled sunshine.

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One thought on “I Don’t Want to Try

  1. fatboytrim says:

    One of my kickboxing instructors once told me that “can’t” isn’t a word. I only realised what he meant several months into my training.
    Fair play for your honesty.

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