Recipe Review: Salmon Patties w/ Fresh Herbs

Happy Friday everyone! It was a late night last night due to the preorder launch for the iPhone 8, so I’m here with my coffee and a new review!

The Preparation

Last night we tried out these Salmon Patties with Fresh Herbs over at The first time I make a recipe, it always takes me longer than I anticipate it will, mostly because I haven’t figured out what changes and tricks I can use to make things go faster.


For instance, if I had crushed the pork rinds, and cut up the herbs yesterday morning, things might have gone a bit smoother. That aside, the whole process of making the patties went fairly smooth. Your hands will get very messy as you make the patties.

Two tablespoons of oil were not enough to fry these guys. I was worried about how dry they looked, and they were quite crumbly, making them difficult to flip without them falling apart. But I persevered in the frying and soon had three plates of three patties each.


The Taste

The moment of truth. The mister and I were home alone at that point, so I put mom’s into the microwave for when she got home, and we broke out the mayo and ketchup because I could tell they were still quite dry.


I took about three bites before I decided these patties just were not for me. I have an aversion to citrus in savory food and mixed with the overpowering amount of dill flavor, I couldn’t handle it. They were quite thick, and yes, very dry. Hubby had about the same reaction that I did. He has only tried salmon one other time, and that was a bite of my salmon at the Cheesecake Factory. He liked that. He didn’t like this.

We ended up scrapping it and ordering wings from Papa Johns.

Mom, however, had a different take on them. She said that yes, they were dry, but she enjoyed the flavor of them, and she liked them quite a bit. Between her suggestions, and my own thoughts on the recipe, I think we may have some changes that will make the recipe more palatable to everyone.

The Takeaway

With a bit less pork rind, these might be more cohesive. Next time, I will be omitting the dill, and possibly even the lemon rind. The chives were good. I will experiment with spices to see which ones taste the best.



Tony’s, anyone?


Instead of 3 oz patties, I’ll probably opt for around 2 oz so I can make them flatter. And I’ll probably use a bit more oil than I did this time.

All in all, I don’t think the idea of the recipe is bad. Some people might even enjoy them as they are if they enjoy dill and lemon. For me, those flavors are just too strong.

So the verdict was 1-1/2 Yums out of 3, will make again with alterations. The dog gets half a yum, because she really wanted to eat the piece she got out of the trash before mom made her drop it!



“Not even a little bite?”



Liked it? Hated it? Let me know!