Weekend Weigh-in: 09/16/17

You ever have one of those weeks where everything seems to be going wrong? I had one of those this week. It wasn’t anything major, really, and most of it was probably due to my dear Aunt Flo heading this way, but I just felt off all week.

So I wasn’t exactly surprised when I stepped on the scale this week to a two pound gain. And of course, my scales didn’t agree, again. One said 2lbs, the other said it was just 1. But I know me, and I’m pretty sure it was the larger gain.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not upset by this. I fully understand all of the factors that went into this gain.

  1. PMS
  2. Increased weight training instead of just cardio
  3. Not closely tracking calories and macros
  4. Trail Mix. OMG Trail mix. Trail mix with nuts and raisins. Trail mix with nuts, raisins and M&Ms. Trail mix in neat little packages that were sitting at work for snacking on.


I ate way too much of that trail mix this week. And I was being pretty lazy about logging in MFP this week. That, combined with hormonal factors, was a recipe for a higher number.

I begin next week with a renewed sense of the importance of watching my macros and my calories. I’m also grateful that all the trail mix was eaten this week, and it is no longer a temptation to me!

On the bright side, my clothes don’t feel any tighter than they did last week, if anything, they feel a bit looser!

Weekly Stats:

Date: 9-16-17

Weight: 287.1 | +2.0

Body Fat %: 55.8 | -0.1

BMI: 49.3 | -0.4

Liked it? Hated it? Let me know!