That’s My Jam!

Do you ever hear a song on the radio that just makes you want to dance, or worse, put your pedal to the floor? Those are the best songs! I have a whole playlist dedicated to those types of songs.

Music is emotion. It can make us laugh, cry, mosh, sway. It can turn us on, it can put us to sleep, or it can pump us up.


There is a reason that every movie has a soundtrack. Music sways our feelings and guides them toward what the filmmaker wants us to feel in each moment whether it is heightened fear and suspense, or sadness over the death of a character.

The wrong choice of music can also completely kill the mood! Picture it: You’re driving slowly along a winding mountain road, looking at beautiful autumn foliage, feeling the warmth of the late afternoon sun and on your radio comes the dulcet sounds of….Gwar?


You’ve got your headphones on, and you’re getting ready to lift the heaviest weight you’ve ever lifted. Just one rep. You can do it! You lift…and Mr. Sandman comes over your headphones.


These are extreme examples, and I’m sure there are those out there who will say that Mr. Sandman is the perfect song for benching, and heavy metal is perfect for a Sunday drive through the country. Hey, to each their own.

But if, like me, you are ready to get pumped up when you are working out, hitting the treadmill, going for a run, or doing cleaning aerobics (exercise by cleaning!), I have got a new feature!

When I make my post for the day, I’ll also be including a link to a song from my list of songs that get me moving!

I have a wide range of music that I enjoy so these songs can span most genres and eras, but they all have a quick pace and a beat you can move to.


Daily Dose of Music:

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