Recipe Review: Decontructed Pizza Casserole

This morning was unusual. I don’t have a ninja princess (my niece) to take to school this week, so my mornings have been a bit more relaxed. I still set my alarm for 6:30, but I get to hang out in the warm covers for a half hour and scroll Facebook. And then even if I take a full hour to get ready for work, I’ve got another full hour to just…do whatever.

So I took that extra time this morning to get a head start on tonight’s dinner. We’re having Low-Carb Deconstructed Pizza Casserole from over at Kalyn’s Kitchen.

Prep took me approximately 20 minutes, but that’s mostly because I was being slow. If I’d been in a hurry, I could have had it done in 15. The biggest time saver is to drain, rinse and pat the tomatoes dry while the sausage is browning. 

I started with Johnsonville mild Italian sausage that is already out of the casing. So much easier than trying to cut off a casing, or squeezing the sausage out like toothpaste.


Then I tossed it into my trusty skillet and browned it up. As Rachel Ray and Anne Burrell are fond of saying: “Brown food tastes good!” While I was browning the sausage, I took my own advice and drained, rinsed and dried my tomatoes!


Then it was time to put everything together. Have I mentioned yet how incredibly EASY this recipe is? This is one of those recipes that you could give your kids to make when they are just starting out cooking.

Piling everything into a casserole dish couldn’t be simpler. We omitted the mushrooms because hubby isn’t fond of them, but I imagine you could add in any of your favorite pizza toppings.

I put the sausage in first:


Then spread the tomatoes on top:


Liberally sprinkled with mozzarella cheese:


And then topped with pepperoni slices:


At this point, it was ready to toss in the oven, but I didn’t want to do that at 8:30 in the morning. I stuck the lid on and slid it in the fridge so that when I got home from work I could just pop it in the oven and then go get our exercises out of the way while it was baking.

The smell from the oven, when I came back into the kitchen, was pure heaven! I was pretty sure when I took this beautiful casserole out of the oven that we were going to enjoy this meal.


It certainly did not disappoint. It was like having a meat lovers pizza and just eating all the toppings. So good!

This recipe was a definite success. Three yums and an absolutely will make again!

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