Weekend Weigh-in: 09/23/17

White mouse on piece of cheese

This week was one of those “the best laid plans of mice and men” weeks. It was a bit odd. There was an unusual amount of stress coming from work, though thankfully, we didn’t have little packs of M&M filled trail mix to snack on. We also made a switch from cable to a few streaming services this week, which resulted in a few nights of running around, getting inordinately angry at a cable modem, and more calls to the cable company than I would have liked. Thankfully the mister took care of those when I was ready to bite someone’s head off.

And then there was yesterday. I had planned to cook last night, but between taking the dog to the groomer, then her training session, going to the store, then the Sprint store after work…I just was NOT feeling it. So we went to Wendy’s (against my better judgment since I’d stopped at McD’s for lunch after dog training).

By the time we made it home, neither of us were in the mood to dance for a half hour. We still got in our 30-day challenge exercises, but we dropped the ball on the cardio. At least I managed to hit my step goal all week!

Despite all the crazy I was dealing with all week, I made sure to track my food. And that, I’m pretty sure, was my saving grace this week. I never went over my calorie allotment, and I tried to keep my carbs in check, which meant that even though I missed a cardio session, and I ate out more than I anticipated, stepping on the scale this week was a pleasant surprise. I not only lost the two pounds that I had gained back but one more besides!

Weekly Stats:

Date: 9-23-17

Weight: 284.0 | -3.1

Body Fat %: 56.5 | +0.7

BMI: 48.7 | -0.6

Here’s hoping that next week serves up similar results, but without the side of stress.

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