5 Amazing Food Trends

There are a lot of food trends out there and if you’re anything like me, everyone you know seems to be gushing about the virtues of eating certain foods. Right now the big one on everyone’s list of Must Eat foods is cauliflower. But what if, like me, you are terrible at cooking with it? Or what if you just plain hate it. Try as you might disguise the taste, you just can’t force yourself to eat another bite of it.

That’s when that little monster named Guilt starts to eat at you. You may start to think you can’t possibly healthy if you don’t eat (insert food here). All those health benefits going to waste. Maybe you’re just making it incorrectly because everyone else seems to like it, right?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to not like the latest superfood! It really is, despite the judgy looks from Judgy McJudgerton down the street who does hot yoga 15 times a week and looks like she subscribes to the air diet (that’s a real thing, google it).

Let’s take a look at a few of the most recent food trends.


Food Trends: Cauliflower

If you have followed my blog for a bit, you know by now that I have a horrible relationship with cauliflower. I’ve hated it since I was a kid. The flavour is somewhere between broccoli and radishes. And it’s white. It looks gross, it smells gross, it tastes gross. But you should be able to mask the taste with enough cheese and other foods if you chop it fine enough. Yeah. Okay. But it prevents cancer and has a ton of vitamin C and antioxidants! So do oranges, tomatoes, and red grapes.


Food Trends: Kale

Oh god. Have you ever really tried to stomach this stuff? It’s awful. Just awful. I am thoroughly convinced that anyone who says they actually like this stuff is either lying to you or to themselves. We have three guinea pigs who wouldn’t even touch these nasty, bitter leaves. Our pigs eat everything. But they won’t touch kale. I can’t blame them. Don’t even get me started on the travesty that is kale chips. By the way, there are some hilarious kale memes out there, just saying.

If you want a good alternative to kale, go for spinach. Especially baby spinach. Much more tender, sweeter and with many of the same benefits, spinach is much more palatable and disappears into recipes that kale would ruin. And if you’re going for a salad, it’s perfectly acceptable to go for delicious romaine lettuce. Poor romaine has been getting a bum rap, but it actually holds a lot of the same benefits as kale.

Both spinach and romaine lettuce score higher on the CDC’s list of powerhouse fruits and vegetables! (Numbers 5 and 9 respectively, versus kale coming in at number 15 out of 47).


Food Trends: Kombucha

I don’t know how, but I got suckered into buying two bottles of this stuff from a lady in the supermarket one day. I have a hard time saying no to people. When people are giving away samples with a coupon or something, I’ll just try the sample and go on about my business, but when the product is sitting right there and I try it, I feel obligated to buy it. Awful, yes. Anyway, I purchased two bottles that got poured down the sink two weeks later when we cleaned out the fridge.

This stuff…just wow. It’s like tea beer. Beer tea? Either way, it’s all the horrible things about both. Sour, bitter, with a vinegar smell. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, but I’m here with good news! Like me, you can stop pretending to like this crap because there is NO good evidence that there are any health benefits to it.


Food Trends: Avocados

I love avocado. I love it sliced, I love it mashed into guacamole. I think it is delicious! But not everyone loves this food. And that’s okay! My husband can’t stand avocado, so I don’t make meals where it is the main ingredient. Yes, it has health benefits, but if you pair some carrots or sweet potatoes with a meal with other omega-3 or omega-6 fats, you’ll be getting similar benefits. So when you’re out with friends who are ordering avocado toast, don’t feel bad about ordering some salmon with a side of steamed carrots.

Gluten-Free Anything:

Food Trends: Gluten Free

Let’s be clear here. Gluten does not make you fat, and unless you have Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, avoiding gluten is not going to do a single thing for you. A gluten-free diet is not any healthier than a diet with gluten in it. A lot of the foods that have gone gluten-free makeup for the lack of wheat flour with other flours, starches, and flavourings like extra sugar so you won’t taste a difference.

Not liking the latest in food trends is nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. We should always be willing to try new foods and new flavours, but we like what we like! Just because Rachel Ray says you should put quinoa in everything doesn’t mean you have to. Chances are a lot of people are eating these foods because they’ve been sold on some nebulous benefit touted by a health guru they read in Cosmo or saw on Dr. Oz.

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7 thoughts on “5 Amazing Food Trends

  1. josypheen says:

    I love this post!

    Although I love almost all foods, so I don’t have issues with cauliflower or kale. It just don’t like the way they are hyped up. If something is delicious, then I’ll eat it.

    Kombu IS awesome, it is such a good umami flavour to add to things like miso soup. BUT why are people drinking it as tea!? It’s just not a pleasant way to try it and I bet it has put loads of people off using it an ingredient in things where it *would* be tasty.

    • Melting Mimi says:

      Now see, I didn’t even know that it was an ingredient! I’ve only ever seen people drinking it straight. And that’s just gross. I’m not hating on anyone for liking these foods. I just know I always felt a little guilty for NOT liking some of them until I realized that it’s perfectly okay either way 😀

      • josypheen says:

        It is a sort of strange ingredient. You boil it in water, then remove it before you eat, so you have it’s flavour, but not the texture. I guess that makes it a bit like tea!?

        Don’t feel guilty! It’s only worth eating those kinds of foods if you like the taste of them as well as the health benefits!

  2. anhistorianabouttown says:

    I dislike all of these (especially avocado), but then again I’m suuuper picky. If I can eat blueberries to get nutrients, I’m NOT eating kale- I literally feed it to rabbits 😑 The world needs to stop with the super foods, and just enjoy the tasty foods!!

    • Melting Mimi says:

      “Super food” is a clever advertising ploy, but not much else. I’d much rather eat blueberries than kale!

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