What's the Real Target?

What’s the Real Target?

Target your problem areas! Melt away your belly fat. Watch the fat on your thighs disappear. Say goodbye to your love handles.

What's the Real Target

We’ve all seen the commercials, heard the hype and read the reviews. Each new product promises to target the fat residing on a particular body part that you deem undesirable. The problem is, the only thing you’ll find yourself losing is money.

Instead of trying to spot reduce fat, let’s reduce bullshit instead. Spot reductions do not work! It has been proven time and again that while strength training and calisthenics improve muscle tone and can help prevent muscle loss when following a reduced calorie diet and cardio program, they do not burn enough calories to activate fat loss.

These companies who put out products that claim to shrink your belly or make the cellulite on your butt disappear are doing nothing more than preying on your insecurities about your body.

What's the Real Target

I’ve said it before, I will say it again, and I will keep saying it until the end of time. There is no quick fix! No magic exercise that will make your belly go away. There is no such thing as fast AND healthy weight loss.

The mister and I do 30-Day challenges that focus on different parts of the body, but it is not in an effort to lose weight from those areas. Their purpose is to increase our strength, flexibility, and reduce muscle loss from our weight loss efforts.

The best way to lose fat in any area of your body is to eat right, and burn more calories you consume. That’s it.

When you do crunches, you are not burning the fat right on top of your abs because your muscles don’t burn fat that way. Your body consumes the energy from fat by converting it from triglycerides into glycerol. That fat can come from anywhere in your body!

That’s why women are likely to see their boobs shrink when they start losing weight. You know the struggle.

What's the Real Target

So, the next time you feel the urge to buy the latest ab blasting workout, consider that the only thing that workout is going to target is your bank account. If you really want to target that belly fat, strap on your Fitbit and get moving.

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