I Miss Grilled Cheese

There’s something so comforting about a grilled cheese sandwich. That crispy, buttery outside, and that ooey, gooey center. Pair it with a cup of hot, creamy tomato soup and you have an autumn and winter staple that hits the right spot on a chilly day.

I miss it. You know, because I can’t have the bread. If like me, you’ve been missing that delicious, melt-in-your-mouth sandwich, I have good news!

Low-Carb Grilled Cheese with Ham

The mister and I have come up with an amazing substitute for our much loved grilled cheese. Of course, hubby has to have meat with his sandwiches, while I can just have the melty cheese on bread and be content.

This sandwich would not be possible without this fantastic Ultimate Low-Carb Keto Buns recipe from Mira at My PCOS Kitchen. I have mentioned these eggy little buns a few times and even reviewed them here. There is a reason they keep popping up on our weekly menu and in my posts. They seriously get better every time I make them!

Anywho, on Sunday when I was planning on making cheeseburgers, I made a double batch so I would have enough for another meal on our menu. Grilled cheese with ham.

This meal is not only filling, but it is SO easy. We always splurge on the good stuff when we are making something so simple, so our ingredients are top notch and it’s not just something I can throw together without much flavor.

For these sandwiches, we got some good Boarshead ham from our grocery deli and some nice thick slices of mild cheddar and swiss. As much as I love Colby jack on everything, it just doesn’t do these grilled cheese sandwiches justice.

Putting the Grilled Cheese with Ham Together

I like to make the buns a day or two ahead of time if I can, and then slice them when I’m ready to get started. The trick to these grilled cheese sandwiches is buttering the cut side of the buns.

Buttered Buns for Grilled Cheese

I did something a little special this time; I used a glass to cut rounds of ham and cheese about the same size as the buns. Nothing went to waste, of course. I broke up the rest of the ham and cheese and sandwiched them between the layers.

Grilled Cheese with Ham Rounds

Place one bun butter-side down in a pan over medium heat and then top with cheese and ham. Due to the size of the buns and the toppings, I don’t put the second bun on until I’m ready to flip it.

Top Bun for Grilled Cheese

That’s when you top the meat and cheese with the second bun. Carefully flip the whole thing over to brown the other bun and melt the cheese against it.

Finished Grilled Cheese with Ham

I ended up liking these better than regular grilled cheese! All of the sinful taste without the guilt.

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