Meet the Boys

I don’t talk a whole lot about my family, but I thought it might be time to introduce you all to my little inner circle. I’ve talked a bit about the mister, and I do have one son (who is about to turn 17!) and then we have….the boys. That is how we refer to them as a group, as in: “The boys are chewing again,” “Do we need hay for the boys?” and “The boys want a treat.”

If you haven’t figured it out, “the boys” refers to our adorable, picky, gluttonous little piggies. The mister and I have three guinea pigs that might as well be children. Once upon a time (5 years ago next month) we decided to get a pet together and finally decided on a guinea pig.


So we went to PetSmart to see what kind of piggies they had. Turns out, they only had one. A single little male that was a bright reddish orange with a white spot on his head. But he was damaged. His poor little ear had been all chewed up by one of his cage mates. Since his ear was a bit chewed, they let us adopt him for free! I would have paid for him because I was already in love. We picked up a cage that came with all the necessities like shavings, a water bottle, pellets and hay and we took him home.

One of the boys - Cinnamon

Cinnamon wanted his own FaceBook profile.


Fast forward about 6 months and we’d switched to fleece bedding that I made myself and we decided to get another piggy as a friend for our first, whom we had named Cinnamon. And thus, we adopted baby Truffles.

One of the boys - Truffles

Baby Truffles checking out his new home.

Cinnamon and Truffles became the best of buddies and we ended up ditching the much too small (even for one) cage and got our boys a new cube and coroplast (C&C) condo.

The Boys - Cinnamon & Truffles

Cinnamon and Truffles checking out their new loft.


And then along came our third. Snickerdoodle (the guinea pig formerly known as Spike) was rehomed to us by a co-worker of mine. He quickly integrated with our other boys and we ended up getting an even bigger cage to accommodate our growing family.

Snickerdoodle (Doodle) in his first cuddle cup (Nov 2015)

Doodle, Cinnamon, and Truffles – Best Buddies

Unfortunately, shortly after Cinnamon’s 4th adoption day, we lost him to illness. It was devastating to us. We still miss our little Cinnabutt (as we often called him). It was hard for a time to go to PetSmart to get supplies and see the new piggies there.


But one day, a few weeks after Cinnamon passed, we walked by the guinea pig enclosure. There was a single little piggy. All alone. Just like Cinnamon had been. My heart almost broke. So we asked about the little guy. He’d just come from the vet after being treated for ringworm. All of his littermates had been sold while he was in quarantine.

He was so tiny! Cute little Newt.

And so we came home with Newt. We named him after my favorite Hufflepuff because he looks like a little badger! For a time, all three members of the new trio got along just fine.

A New Order:

At least until Newt hit his “teens” and started showing a rebellious streak. This upset the status quo with Doodle. So we enlarged and walled off the upstairs portion of the cage and moved Doodle to his deluxe apartment in the sky.

At least until Newt decided to assert his dominance with poor, easy going Truffles, who has always been a more docile member of the pig pack. So Doodle moved back into the palace with Truffles and now Newt has the high-rise.

The Boys

Yes, that bottom cage is really 4.5’x2.5′ and the top is 3.5’x2.5′. Spoiled, spoiled piggies!

So here we are with our three adorkable piggies, full of life and personality and spoiled absolutely rotten. If we get another life, I want to come back as a guinea pig whose humans give them plush couches, all the hay they could want, and soft fleece to live on in a palatial cage. That’s the life, right there.

And don’t they know it.

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