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Mimi’s Monday Menu Update:

Monday Menu Motivation

It’s time again for another look at our weekly menu! As I mentioned in my Weekend Weigh-in, I think I finally have down what works best for the mister and me. We always plan on at least two nights of eating out per week, and four nights of cooking in. Yes, I know that only accounts for 6 nights a week, but that’s because Saturday (or occasionally Sunday) is our cheat day, and it is entirely dependent on what we feel like that day.

Once I figured out that Fridays are a no-go for cooking anything elaborate, we came to the conclusion that meals on Friday evenings have to be simple enough that they are either a slow-cooker meal or casserole dish that I can toss in the oven when I get home from work and have that be the full extent of work I have to do. Otherwise, we end up having an unscheduled night out.

Tuesdays are an eat-out night simply because I go in to work early on Tuesday and work a 10-hour day. Cooking is NOT going to happen. I’ll let someone else do the cooking and clean-up, thank you very much. And, when we go someplace as yummy as Dickie’s BBQ it feels like a cheat day without being one.

I probably could cook on Thursdays, and on occasion I do. My only excuse for eating out on Thursday is that I’m lazy and I like fast food.


Anyhow, this week’s menu revisits a few of our favorites, and includes a bit of a strange selection for tonight. Today is a dentist appointment, and I tend toward soft foods the evening after I go in for any kind of procedure that requires numbing.


Mimi’s Monday Menu:

Monday: Greek Gods Strawberry yogurt and Sugar-free Black Cherry Jello for me, Lunchable for the Hubby (his choice).

Tuesday: Dickies, of course. We’ve got a card to stamp!

Wednesday: Low-Carb Slow-Cooker Jambalaya. I always look forward to this one!

Thursday: Burger King

Friday: Decontructed Pizza Casserole. This casserole is impossibly delicious. Check out my review here for more info.

Saturday:Cheat Day Menu

Sunday: Nathan’s Hot Dogs w/ Chili

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