Monster Art Challenge

Inktober has officially ended. But with the coming of November, I’ve decided that I’m not going to stop drawing every day. Instead, I’m starting a new drawing challenge: Monster Girls!

Monsters? In November?

Yeah, I know. I should have done a monster challenge in October. That would have been fitting. But, I need to work on drawing females, and this is all about drawing females in different forms. For instance, yesterday was Harpy:

Monster Girl Challenge: Harpy

I’m really looking forward to having another 30 days of prompts with a fun theme. I’m actually really pleased with how much improvement I see in my artwork after consistently sitting down to draw every day for a month.

Most of my improvement comes from following tutorials. I watch and learn new techniques all the time. I constantly search out how-to-draw whenever I’m starting a new drawing. At this point in time, I’m not as concerned with originality as I am with refining my skill. I truly believe that anyone can learn to draw passably well, it just takes time and practice.

My harpy above was not drawn from a tutorial, but I did check out some references to get an idea of how the wings should be drawn. I wasn’t confident in attempting the bird’s feet this time, but maybe the next time I draw this character I’ll give it a shot.

Monster Challenge

If you’d like to join in on the Monster Girl challenge I put together a list of drawing prompts for each day. My list is inspired by the original list designed by ShadeySix. I removed a few and added others to make a list that I am very excited to try out.

30-Day Monster Girl Challenge

Inktober Results

I was super happy to finish up Inktober! I took my husband’s advice and put together a collage of all the pieces I did during the month of October. I’m amazed at some of them, and I cringe at others. I did find it funny that a few people listed their favorites when I posted this on Facebook. I have my own favorites from the month, particularly the mermaid and cute spider (not the spooky one).


Daily Dose of Music

By the way, the video for this one is insane and awesome.

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