Birthday Parties for Pets

I was planning on doing a recipe review today, but since the recipe I want to review is on the menu for tomorrow, that’s going to have to wait. So instead, I’m going to talk about something else fun. Celebrating the birthday of a pet! A few weeks ago, I introduced you all to our little boys, and one of them just got a year older.

Happy Birthday Doodle

Our baby, Snickerdoodle (Doodle), recently had a birthday. We don’t know his actual birthday, or exactly how old he is because we got him from a co-worker of mine. So we celebrate when we brought him home as his birth/adoption day.



Here’s the Birthday Boy!

We know he was at least a year old when we got him, so we are assuming he’s about 4 years old now. Before this year, we celebrated Cinnamon and Doodle on the same day, because we actually got them both on the same day, two years apart!


Doodle, Cinnamon, and Truffles enjoying a birthday treat last November.

How? Why?

We celebrate our piggies because they are such a big part of our lives, and we like to commemorate the day that they each became a part of our family. Of course, they don’t understand it, but it is important for us. When their birthday comes around, we always have a little party for our piggies complete with a veggie and fruit “cake”. We sing Happy Birthday, and we get all the boys together to share the veggies and take lots of pictures.

Birthday Cake for Guinea Pigs?

Okay, so it’s not an actual cake, it’s more like a many-layered veggie and fruit parfait. We cut the top off of a bell pepper, and stuff it with different types of lettuce, parsley, cilantro, spinach, and carrots, topped with slices of banana or radish, and either a strawberry, raspberry, or cherry tomato. It looks adorable, and the piggies LOVE them. They go crazy when they see one of their “cakes”.

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What about birthday presents?

We don’t usually do presents on birthdays. That’s not to say our boys never get presents. We have very spoiled piggies, and they get presents all the time. We do get them presents for Christmas, generally things that are larger or more expensive than the treats we normally get them. For instance, last year, we got our boys a giant Mickey Mouse hide for when they are out of the piggy palace.

Christmas 2016

A perfect place to hide out together.

Are we bizarre?

I know we aren’t the only ones out there that throw parties for their animals! It might be more common for people to have birthday parties for dogs, but I don’t think we’re (too) weird for having piggy parties. I think there is a common misconception that guinea pigs are just dumb rodents. Aside from the fact that most rodents are intelligent, we’ve learned that each of our pigs has a distinct personality. They are capable of love, affection, and bonding. They form strong relationships with each other, and with their humans. These are just a few of the reasons that we celebrate our piggies.


Om nom nom

Do you celebrate the birthday of your pet? Tell me how you celebrate down in the comments below!

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