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It’s Week One of Amazing Mimi’s 31 Days of Drawcember! I’ve been having a lot of fun with this week’s drawings, though I did have to resort to a tutorial for one of them. And that’s okay! I realize that I’m just not going to be able to draw everything from either a reference or from my own head. But I am also really pleased that I’ve come so far that I no longer need a tutorial for everything I draw.

One Last Monster

Last Thursday was the final day of my Monster Girl Challenge so I didn’t get a chance to include the final drawing in my last art post. I really enjoyed that challenge. I also feel like I made some real progress with how I look at references and apply them to my drawings.

When I started Inktober, almost everything was coming from tutorials and by the time I finished out the Monster Girl Challenge, I was working entirely from reference and imagination. My techniques are improving too. I feel more confident when I sit down to draw! Instead of spending the majority of my time looking up what I should draw, I’m concentrating on improving the way I draw.

So let’s take a look back at the drawing from this week!

Monster Art Challenge Day 30: Nymph

Monster Girl Challenge

Due to my little accident last week, I was laid up quite a bit. Thursday evening, I was confined to sitting on the bed and so I resorted to an art medium that I am not fantastic at. I LOVE my tablet, don’t get me wrong. I’m just not great at digital art. Well, I’m not great at traditional art yet either, but I’m less not great at digital. Still, it was fun to break out my Surface and go to town drawing a water nymph. I wasn’t stoked over the results, but I was satisfied since I haven’t drawn anything on my tablet in months.

Drawn on my Surface Pro 4 using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and Lazy Izumi

Drawcember Day 1: Gingerbread Man


This was a super quick drawing. I was in a bit of a hurry, but I still like the way it came out. Such a simple shape and coloring. It looks a bit like something you’d find in a child’s coloring book!

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil, Sharpie super fine marker, and Prismacolor pencils.

Drawcember Day 2: Yule Log


This is the one drawing from the past week that necessitated a tutorial. I think that it turned out pretty nice! Instead of drawing a traditional yule log, this is supposed to be one of those edible ones made of chocolate and cake. It made me hungry when I was drawing it. The tutorial for this came from the great Shoo Rayner on YouTube.

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil, Sharpie super fine marker, and Prismacolor pencils.

Drawcember Day 3: Candle


I really liked the way this candle came out. I used the technique I learned from Shoo Rayner’s yule log tutorial for drawing the holly leaves and berries around the base. They are super easy to draw, and I’ll probably be including them in a few more drawings this month.

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil, Sharpie super fine marker, and Prismacolor pencils.

Drawcember Day 4: Candy Canes


This one was a throw-back to last December for me. I followed a tutorial for candy canes last year. But, instead of looking up the tutorial and recreating what I’d done last year, I decided to try it from memory and make a candy cane heart. I love the way they turned out. Very festive!

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil and Prismacolor pencils.

Drawcember Day 5: Bells


With these, I wanted to give the impression that they were hanging and ringing. I think it worked pretty well. Looking at them later on, I had a few ideas on improving them, so next time I draw something like this, I will have a better grasp of their movement and suspension.

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil, Sharpie super fine marker, and Prismacolor pencils.

Drawcember Day 6: Ugly Sweater


This is by far my favorite of the week. Actually, it’s one of my favorites ever. I loved drawing this one. I was a little stuck for what to draw when I started, and so I went pose hunting. When I found this pose, I could just see it being a kid that was not happy. Man, I just adore the expression. I was giggling the whole time I was erasing the lines after I inked it. I couldn’t help but think this is the face my (not so little) boy would make if I made him wear a sweater like that. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to color it but I think it’s just about perfect the way it is.

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil and Sharpie super fine marker.

Next Week?

Next week, I have more festive drawings in store! Poinsettias, stockings, cookies, Santa hats, presents, ornaments, and snowmen are on the list for the next week. I can’t wait to get started on them and see where my pencil takes me. Also, I think I’ll begin working on my challenge for January. Since November was all girls, I think January will be an all-boys month! Please let me know if you are joining in and share your drawings on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #Drawcember.

Also, let me know which one was your favorite in the comments!

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