Mimi’s Monday Menu

It’s always nice when things go to plan. And a weekly menu is no different. Last week didn’t go exactly according to plan, but we hit all the major points. Namely, I finally got to make the Bacon Cheeseburger Cauliflower Casserole. Yum. There is a review coming on that recipe! I’ll also be reviewing the Baked Keto Chicken Tenders in Buffalo Sauce. I made them, and they were great, but I didn’t get any pictures!

I’m also planning to branch into some restaurant reviews in the new year. Up first will be The Egg and I, our new favorite breakfast place for cheat day. I’ll also be doing one on Grillin’ Wings and Things. We went there last week instead of Chick-Fil-A. Their pig wings…omg. They are a bit of low-carb heaven for sure.

Monday Menu

Last Week’s Results

I had a strange week last week, and a lot of it blurred by. But I did manage to cook for four out of seven days. We ended up making the casserole on Thursday instead of Wednesday, and as I mentioned, we went to a different restaurant, but overall, it was a good week for our menu.

Everyone truly enjoyed the Bacon Cheeseburger Cauliflower Casserole, which surprised me. I didn’t think I would like it because of my volatile relationship with the vegetable. Apparently, it is growing on me. Don’t get me wrong, I could still taste it. It’s just that the flavor didn’t seem bad to me. My taste buds must be adjusting to eating gross things.

Monday Menu

Anything new?

The Baked Keto Chicken Tenders in Buffalo Sauce are going to be a favorite, I think. They were incredibly tasty. I just wish we had realized we were out of ranch dressing before we made them. They would have been amazing with a little ranch to dip them in. Oh well. Next time!

We don’t have anything new on the menu this week, but given how close we are to Christmas, most of our meals for the next few weeks are going to be quick and easy so I can work on finishing the final gift I’m working on for my niece.

What’s on the menu this week?

It’s going to be an Ultimate Keto Bun week! Last night I broke out the almond flour and eggs and made three batches of these delicious little babies. I changed up the recipe a little bit by changing the spices. Adding some dried, minced onion in two batches, I also put some Weber burger seasoning in all three batches.

I also experimented a bit with adding a quarter teaspoon of baking powder to each batch.  I don’t really see a difference in the height of the buns, so maybe I could have added more without ill effect. Next time I’ll double the amount to a half teaspoon per batch and see if that makes a difference. Still, I am looking forward to a low-effort sandwich week, which means I’ll probably get a bit more done in the evenings than I might have.

Now, without further ado, here is the menu for this week.

Mimi’s Monday Menu:

Monday: Oven-baked cheeseburgers on The Ultimate Keto Bun

Tuesday: Dickies (Where else?)

Wednesday: Breaded chicken patties on The Ultimate Keto Bun

Thursday: Grillin’ Wings and Things

Friday: Tuna salad on The Ultimate Keto Bun

Saturday: Mini-cheat day

Sunday: Cheat Day! It’s my birthday, I get two.

Planning Your Own Week?

If you’d like to put together a dinner menu for your week, I have a nice little printable here that might help you out. Not only can you plan out your meal for each weeknight, you can also make your grocery list on the same page!

Get it here: Menu of Amazing Meals

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