It’s Raining Men: Week Two of the 31 Days of Manuary

It’s Week Two of Amazing Mimi’s 31 Days of Manuary! I have been utterly surprised by my success in drawing this past week. I feel like I’ve got a whole new outlook on my drawing style and what my capabilities are.

This week in art

Everything I drew this past week has been oriented on the male form, obviously. For me, this was a major step out of my comfort zone. Every time I start looking for a pose reference, I think: “oh that would be so cute as a girl..” But once I get down to the actual drawing, I find that I am far better at this drawing thing than I think I am.

I did my best to include hands in every drawing. I’m still not great with them. I’m learning a few tricks as I go, but most of the time, there is a major disconnect between what I want to draw and what actually gets on the paper.


The struggle is real, yo.

Still, I have a lot to be proud of this week, and I did some really fun, cute drawings.

So let’s take a look back at the drawing from this week!

Manuary Day 4: Loner


I really liked this guy. He’s like…so edgy.


One other thing I was working on this week (besides hands) is putting more movement into the clothing I draw. I attempted to put in some wrinkles and drapes in all of the clothing. This was really my first serious try at including it on a drawing. I feel like I got a little better at it through the week.

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil, and Sharpie super fine marker.

Manuary Day 5: Nerd


“Ugh, look at that edgy guy over there. Thinks he’s so cool…” The mister said this guy was an edgy nerd. I don’t know. I was pretty stoked about the hand on this one! A little more clothing work on this one too, but not as much as I was able to include on drawings later in the week.

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil and Sharpie super fine marker.

Manuary Day 6: Rogue


Dashing little rogue, ready to stab someone around the corner? Yep, that’s this guy. Sneaky, sneaky. No clothing work on him, but I was still pretty pleased with how he came out. But ugh..the hands! Bleh.

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil, and Sharpie super fine marker.

Manuary Day 7: Pirate


This guy is seriously my favorite for the week. He’s so flippin’ cute! Such a dastardly pirate. He looks ready to use that cutlass to steal your booty. Haha, I keep going back to this one as definitely being one of my best.

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil, Sharpie super fine marker, and Prismacolor pencils.

Manuary Day 8: Villain


This was another of my favs from this week. Nyah! Going to tie to you to the railroad tracks. Nyahahah! Sorry, but he’s so mischievous looking! Rubbing his chin, an evil mustache, slanty eyebrows, dapper suit, this guy has it all!

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil, and Sharpie super fine marker.

Manuary Day 9: Vampire


While not my favorite drawing of the week, this one gave me a lot more confidence in drawing clothing drapes. I actually didn’t have a reference drawing for the pose, but a picture of a figurine. The cape translated pretty well, but the hand not so much. When I first drew him, the mister gave me some constructive criticism. “He looks like one of those guys from Beetleguise with a shrunken head.” Yeah, I definitely had to fix that. The bigger head gave me a little more room to work with and his expression came out better than it was initially, but I’m still not super happy with the hair. All in all, successful for what I set out to draw.

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil, Sharpie super fine marker.

Manuary Day 10: Werewolf


Between this one, the pirate, and the villain, I am pretty happy with my week in art. This guy was fun to draw, and I really think I made some progress in the clothing department. I can still see areas where I would make changes if I were to go back with a pencil, but overall, the clothing is great. I’m actually pretty happy with the hands too (except that wonky thumb…). The only thing that I’m not thrilled with is the shape of the muzzle, but that was completely alien for me to draw. Otherwise, pretty stoked with the results of this one.

Drawn on 75lb drawing paper with 4H pencil, and Sharpie super fine marker.

Next Week?

Next week, I have some more men in store. It’s raining men up in here! Tonight I’m working on a cowboy, and tomorrow I have a superhero. The weekend and next week mark a return to fantasy with a king, zombie, elf, orc and knight.  Be sure to let me know if you are joining in and share your drawings on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #Manuary2018.

Also, let me know which one was your favorite in the comments!

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