Mimi’s Monday Menu

As much as I love our cheat-day and quiet Sunday, I always look forward to a new week and a new Monday Menu. It’s a chance to try new things and start fresh again.

Monday Menu

This past weekend, our weigh-in went surprisingly well. I say surprisingly because we had a lot of Fathead, cheese, and high-fat content meals last week. To say that we like the fathead dough would be an understatement. But I ended up losing around 2.5 lbs, and the mister lost almost 3. I’m finally under my pre-holiday weight! I also realized that I have 23 pounds to go until I hit my next goal of 250. We have about 14 weeks until we fly to Vegas for our anniversary, so I’m hoping to keep up a loss of around 2lbs a week until then.

Last Week’s Results

We mostly stayed on track last week, though it’s hard to remember since I didn’t write down my menu last week! Ugh! Anyway, we did cook 3 weeknights, so that was pretty good. We had fathead wrapped burgers with condiments instead of the pizza burgers we had last week (review on that tomorrow!), plus we did breaded chicken patties wrapped in fathead with pizza sauce. It was kind of like having parmesan chicken. Anyway, it was delicious, and that’s what counts right? It’s so much easier to eat right when eating right is not only delicious but also easy!

I keep throwing the guys at Dickie’s off since I’ve been ordering something different the past few weeks, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting any, even though it has about twice the amount of baked potato casserole in it.

Monday Men

I actually feel guilty eating “The Ted”. But it’s delicious. Since it didn’t seem to have a negative effect this week, I think I’ll get it again, but I might change it up again next week.

Anything new?

This week, we’re trying two new recipes! The Pizza Skillet is an item that a friend of ours swears by (he’s eating keto, while we’re just low-carb), so we’re going to give it a shot. Along with the pizza, we found a video from the same woman on a taco bake that looked ridiculous. So we’re going to have a go at that too.

What’s on the Monday Menu this week?

Monday Menu

Along with the new items, we’re also throwing in our favorite places and our favorite crockpot goody. Jambalaya is exceptionally easy to throw together in the morning, and it’s so nice to come home on a Friday evening and not have to do anything but serve it up.

Dickies is on the menu of course, and so is Grillin’ Wings and Things. They have “pig wings” that are just to die for. And their dessert menu is filled with things that come in little bites so we can split a dessert so we can get a few carbs in, without completely overdoing it.

Sunday, I am making a second attempt at creating low-carb noodles using mozzarella and egg yolk. I gave these a try last week, and while they had a good taste and texture, the shape didn’t hold up and they ended up more like dumplings than noodles. So I’m going to give it another shot. I’ll make some changes to my technique to see if I can get them just right.

Mimi’s Monday Menu:

Monday: Skillet Pizza

Tuesday: Dickies (Where else?)

Wednesday: Taco Bake

Thursday: Grillin’ Wings and Things

Friday: Low-Carb Jambalaya

Saturday: Cheat Day!

Sunday: “Spaghetti” & Meatballs

Planning Your Own Week?

If you’d like to put together a dinner menu for your week, I have a nice little printable here that might help you out. Not only can you plan out your meal for each weeknight, you can also make your grocery list on the same page!

Get it here: Menu of Amazing Meals

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