19274849_10213064681556069_3875970588610564817_n-1763319687-1503426338623Hi! I’m Amy, also known as Mimi. I’m a woman in my thirties who has battled my weight since I was a teen. I’ve had some success, but mostly failure. However, when I reached 350lbs, I realized that if I didn’t do something, I was going to die.

I didn’t want to die.

So, along with my husband, I have embarked on a fitness adventure to lose more than half my body weight.  My current goal is to reach 200 before I reach 40! This journey is being taken without surgery, without weight loss medication, and without supplements.

This blog is a chronicle of this adventure to health, along with reviews of new recipes we try, fitness challenges, and bits of my everyday life thrown in for fun