Corset Curves

Curves for Days

Today was one of those days where I woke up and decided to do something I’d been putting off for a long time. I’m a procrastinator of the worst sort at the best of times, but when there is something that I’m unsure about or dreading, I have a difficult time forcing myself to do what needs to be done. So, while I was grabbing my clothes out of the closet this morning, I decided to grab my beautiful long-line 426 corset from Orchard Corset.

Orchard Corset 426 Longline Cotton

Wait, what?

That’s right, I have a corset. Back before summer set in, I was well on my way to seasoning this beauty. But, as often happens when you wear the largest possible size a company offers, and it doesn’t fit quite right, I eventually stopped wearing it. It didn’t really help that the hot and sticky weather of summer showed up.

And so my lovely longline and my sexy short 426 with hip-ties (that I have yet to season) went into hibernation, draped carefully over hangers in my closet.

But isn’t wearing a corset bad for you?

I know, I know, there is some controversy surrounding whether or not corsets are healthy for you. The myths about regularly wearing corsets causing organ squishing and damage to bones are exactly that…myths.

Lucy from Lucy’s Corsetry does an excellent job of explaining more about the popular myths surrounding the wearing of corsets.

A corset is like wearing a hug

On the contrary, I have found my corset to not only give me curves for days, but it’s also surprisingly comfortable. It’s like wearing a hug! It’s one of the many things I like to do to help me love my body more. That said there are some things I cannot do in my corset. I don’t exercise in it, I don’t sleep in it (though I could), and my longline is a bit of a hassle in the restroom, so I usually end up taking it off and either going without the rest of the day or take a few minutes to relace.

But it is incredibly helpful with my posture, gives me a confidence boost, and helps control my appetite. I’m not sure if that last one is because of the corset itself, since it’s not super tight, or because I’m just more conscious of what I’m eating when I’m wearing it.

So what happened already?!

Anyway, like I said, I haven’t put on my corset in a few months. And that’s mostly because when I got it, I got the largest size I could, and I still had to pull the laces out all the way in order to clasp it. Then lacing was…well, it was an ordeal. I couldn’t get closer than the very edge of the modesty panel which gave me a 4-5″ gap between the sides. That and my lacing was very uneven.

1st wearing of Corset

First day I ever wore a corset

When you are laced up, the sides should look like this ||. Mine were more like this / \. Not good, to say the least.

When I got it out this morning, I thought, well, let’s just see if there’s any improvement. Holy Cow! I only had to loosen the laces to about 6 inches in the back to get it clasped. And then I pulled. And pulled a little more. I pulled until it was comfortably tight all the way down and then turned to look and make sure it was parallel. Not only were the laces almost perfectly parallel, the gap in the back was almost non-existent!

I can’t believe how many inches I’ve lost since I last tried it on. Talk about a non-scale victory!

Stealthing under a sweater at work today

The best part of wearing a corset?

The curves of course! I used to be an hourglass. But I’ve come to realize that I’ve become an apple. All my weight is in my tummy, and I feel like a ball most days. Having those snug laces give me a definable, noticeable waist? That’s an amazing feeling when looking in the mirror.

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